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Carmina Topacio - Voice Behind the Pretty Face

Meet Carmina Topacio. Beautiful face and sexy but more than that, she can sing.

Check Carmina Topacio's video at the bottom (inside).

Before going there, you may check more of Carmina Topacio's photos inside ->


Mocha Girls on Playboy Philippines September 2012

Mocha Girls on Playboy Philippines September 2012 Issue.

I was listening to Boys Night Out one time and it was the Mocha Girls that's the guest for the night. And according to Mocha, this is the boldest issue so far. Haven't seen it yet, but I'm very curious if it's really true. I wonder if she did an actual spread in this Playboy Philippines issue.

Should you have seen it, please feel free to send us a copy.

One more Mocha Girls photo inside ->


Pinay in Facebook LIKE Contest - Vannesa

She's my Pinay friend, Vannesa and she needs our help. She's yummy, too - as you will see in her pictures.

She's competing in this Online Bikini Contest in Facebook and she needs as many likes as possible. So here's what we need to do.

  1. Click on this link -
  2. Click LIKE on her picture.

As simple as that. Go!

And for all men's magazine scouts, she's willing to pose for your pages. Just post your proposals via comment. :D

More sexy photos of Vannesa inside ->

Ehra Madrigal, Michelle Madrigal, Sam Pinto, LJ Reyes, Aubrey Miles and Diana Zubiri at FHM Sexiest Party

Ehra Madrigal, Michelle Madrigal, Sam Pinto, LJ Reyes, Aubrey Miles and Diana Zubiri at the FHM Sexiest Party last July 2012.

Love it!

Nina Jose Photos as Mermaid

Nina Jose dressed as mermaid in a teleserye she'd done before.

Additional photos of Nina Jose when she posed for a men's magazine.

More Valerie Tan Sexy Photos

If you're not  familiar with Valerie Tan, she's a reporter of GMA Kapuso Network. Who would've thought that she's this sexy when wearing a bikini.

We love you Valerie.


Iwa Moto Playboy Philippines Alternate Cover

This Iwa Moto alternate cover on Playboy Philippines is definitely hotter than the first one. I love the pose.

Anyone who has the inside pages scans? Feel free to share. :D


FHM 100 Sexiest Party Photos 2012

FHM 100 Sexiest Party Photos 2012.

Held last Thursday, July 12, 2012 at the World Trade Center, FHM once again celebrated 100 Sexiest Party 2012.

Included in this photo set is Ellen Adarna, Sam Pinto, Jackie Rice, Lj Reyes, Daiana Menezes, and the Madrigal sisters - Ehra Madrigal and Michelle Madrigal.

More FHM 100 Sexiest photos inside ->


Valerie Tan Sexy Photos (GMA News and Current Affairs)

Valerie Tan of GMA news and current affairs. How you wish all reporters are like Valerie Tan.

More Valerie Tan sexy photos inside ->>

Maxene Magalona in Bikini

Maxene Magalona in Bikini - from the soap "Faithfully".

One more Maxene Magalona bikini photo inside ->>


Juliana Palermo on Playboy Philippines Magazine July 2012

It's Juliana Palermo on the cover of Playboy Philippines Magazine July 2012 edition.

Check the Alternate cover of Playboy Philippines inside ->


Danica Torres' Curves

Can you handle Danica Torres' Curves? Me can't. Can't get enough of her.

One more sexy Danica Torres photo inside ->


Charee Pineda Beach Experience

Charee Pineda and who appears to be Kaye Abad (inside photos) playing with some guy in a beach (building castles of course).

More Charee Pineda beach photos inside ->


I Love Maui Taylor's Camera

I'm not sure if these pictures of Maui Taylor is recent but who cares. Do you?

All I can say is, I love Maui Taylor's camera and everything beneath it. :D

More Maui Taylor's photos along with her camera inside ->>


Cristine Reyes Boob Cage Photos

Can't get enough of Cristine Reyes boob cage in full view and the missing Cristine Reyes boob cage photos? Here's another set of the same shoot that we'll call Cristine Reyes with a Vengeance. Why with a vengeance? See her gun and you'll know the answer.

2 more Cristine Reyes with a vengeance photos inside ->

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