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Sexy Paulene So and Karen Bordador Premiere Vixens Victory Party Photos

Paulene So and Karen Bordador, two of FHM's Premiere Vixens in this victory party photos. Too bad I wasn't able to attend this gathering. But thanks to PCF member who was very generous in sharing these sexy photos of Paulene So and Karen Bordador.

More Paulene So and Karen Bordador photos inside ->


Cristine Reyes Behind the Scenes Maxim Shoot from Maxim Days

Sharing Cristine Reyes behind the scenes photos from her Maxim shoot. And mind you, these Cristine Reyes photos were shared by Cristine Reyes herself. It's just that she doesn't know us personally.

More Cristine Reyes Maxim photos inside and below ->

Cristine Reyes Maxim shoot

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