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Valerie Concepcion on Maxim - Scanned Photos

Scanned photos of Valerie Concepcion on the pages of Maxim Philippines. Too bad, Maxim is no longer available.


Good Times with Mo Podcast Bikini Girl

I've been listening for 2 consecutive nights now on Good Times with Mo Podcast and so far so good. I think this show is banking on the loophole that what's on the internet is not covered by MTRCB. Very very clever.

The first night, the guest is Hayden Kho and currently on board is Ms. Ruffa Gutierez.

Here's a bonus, if you call on skype on Good Times with Mo Podcast, you'll be answered by this bikini girl. Sexy.

Good Times with Mo Podcast

Janna Dominguez Scanned Photos from FHM Celebrity Confessions

Janna Dominguez made an appearance on the 2010 FHM Celebrity Confessions. Here's Janna Dominguez' scanned photos brought to us by Flesh Asia Daily.

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