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Krisha Francisco July 2011 Girlfriend of the Month

The FHM July 2011 Girlfriend of the month, Krisha Francisco.

How did we meet?
We met through a common friend, during a night-out.

What were you wearing?
A very sexy dress. I caught your attention through my legs and my chest kasi yun yung mas nilalabas ko. Ha ha! On our first date, I wore a nice top and jeans with cleavage slightly exposed—sweet but sexy so that you’ll fantasize about me until you get home.

Where did we go?
We dined out then went to the movies. It was just the two of us—no friends na kasama so we were able to talk and get to know each other. After watching a movie, we went to a bar and had a little drink.

Did we do it?
You mean sex? No. Sex on the first date is not my thing. I don’t go for one-night-stands. I’m into serious relationships—though not so obvious, ha ha! We must’ve kissed and hugged—pa-sweet lang.

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Charmaine Yamamoto is the FHM July Babe of the Month.

A Spanish-Japanese girl, but grown up in the Philippines named Charmaine Yamamoto is the FHM July Babe of the Month.
Cool. How would an artist and a studious girl like you define sexy?
Sexy is beautiful. It’s art. And hindi naman porke’t sinabihan kang sexy, bastos na yun or what. I also think being sexy should come from within. You should exude it. Dapat kahit naka-jeans or shirt ka lang pwede kang maging sexy. But that’s just me, other people might think differently.

And the same goes for men who chase you?
I like tall men. Siyempre maputi rin dapat. My boyfriend is actually Spanish-Chinese—I’m Spanish-Japanese—so minsan singkit mata niya, minsan naman malaki, ha ha!

Here some Photos of her

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