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Sexiest Iwa Moto Pictures Ever

I bet you'll agree that this is by far the sexiest Iwa Moto photos ever. Not just the swimwear but the attitude and the pose as well. I love that tongue. And the chinita eyes, grrrr. So sexy Iwa Moto.

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Jamilla Obispo on the Cover of Playboy Philippines March 2011

We almost forgot Playboy Philippines since the previous cover girls are not that really interesting. But hey, Playboy Philippines March 2011 looks interesting as Jamilla Obispo is on the cover. Well, Jamilla Obispo first appeared on the pages of FHM (her name was Natasha something ), then joined PBB Teen Edition then posed on FHM again - now as the cover girl (Jamilla Obispo FHM May 2007). Now, 4 years later, here's Jamilla again on Playboy Philippines March 2011 issue. Way to go Jamilla.

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Some Pinay Celebrity Wallpapers we got from FHM Philippines. Take your pick- we got Angelica Panganiban, Bangs Garcia, Ellen Adarna, Katrina Halili, Paloma and Savannah Lamsen. My personal favorite is Paloma Esmeria and I'm sure you'll know why when you see it.

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