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Sexy Lovi Poe on Bench Summer Collection - Return to Temptation

If you've driven or passed by EDSA, most likely, these sexy pictures of Lovi Poe for Bench Summer Collection - 'Return to Temptation'  have already caught your eyes. One photo of Lovi Poe with Jake Cuenca located near the clover leaf looks a little inappropriate to me. Too bad I wasn't able to post that picture here, can't find any. Should you have a copy, feel free to send us a copy.

2 more sexy photos of Lovi Poe on Bench inside ->


FHM March 2011 Scanned Photos of Solenn Heussaff

Look what an anonymous PCOnliner showed us. It's the scanned photos of Solenn Heussaff from FHM March 2011 issue. This survivor babe has really gone a long way. Just one comment on what she said while in the island while doing the lie detector test - 'I swear, I'm never gonna do showbiz after survivor' or something like that in effect. But look at her now, she's done a movie already with Richard Gutierez. Go go go, Solenn.

Complete photos of Solenn Heussaff on FHM March 2011 inside ->

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