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Another Set of Ellen Adarna's Adventures - Boylets Edition

I thought we've seen all the naughtiness of Ellen Adarna when we made the post Ellen Adarna's scandalous photos. But wait, there's more, haha. Here's another set of Ellen Adarna's naughty photos and we call this one 'Boylets edition'. I'm sure you've already guessed what we mean by that. It's a collection of Ellen Adarna with these lucky guys who have been with her in one way or another.

This one you wouldn't want to miss. More of Ellen Adarna's boylets inside ->

Ellen Adarna photos

Ellen Adarna boylets

Ellen Adarna guys

Ellen Adarna men

Ellen Adarna pictures

Ellen Adarna scandal


  1. i cant tell who but i'm one of the guys in the pics and i must say she's really damn wild in bed!

  2. bat ala d2 ung namin n ellen?

  3. Di malaman kung sino ang bwenas, si Ellen ba o yung mga lalake?...o pare-parehong malas?trappr

  4. I bet you're the ugly one in green. :D

  5. wala b ang sa amin jan...hehehehehe


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