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The Gretchen Fulido Sexy Photo You've Been Dreaming About

lMy friend will be delighted to see this Gretchen Fulido in bikini photos. I think not only him will be happy to see this sexy photo of Gretchen Fulido but the rest of PCOnliners. Any violent reactions ha?

2 more Gretchen Fulido sexy photos inside ->

Scanned Photos of Princess Ryan on Maxim Magazine

Scanned photos of Princess Ryan on the pages of Maxim Magazine. However, Maxim Philippines has already ceased its operation.


Carla Humpries - FHM's First Cover Girl for 2011 + Behind the Scenes Photos

An early treat from FHM Philippines. It's Carla Humpries on FHM's January 2011 edition. Can't wait to grab one and check the inside pages and see Carla Humpries show her sexy side.

Shot in an isolated place in Zambales, Carla was one with lahar, nature and all. And guess who's her make up artist? An equally hot and worthy cover girl, Carla's friend - Solenn Heussaff.

This one you gotta see. More Carla Humpries photos on FHM January 2011 inside ->

Carla Humpries FHM Jan 2011 photos

Carla Humpries FHM Photos

Carla Humpries FHM

 Carla Humpries

Carla Humpries photos

Carla Humpries fhm scanned photos

Carla Humpries behind the scenes photos

Carla Humpries sexy photos

Carla Humpries pictures

Iza Calzado on UNO Magazine Special Double Issue - Dec 2010 - Jan 2011

I've always wondered why am I not seeing Iza Calzado on the covers of men's magazine. I mean, she's got the looks, the body and all but then again, she's nowhere to be found on those covers. And then come UNO Magazine, woot wooh. At last, Iza Calzado appearing on the front cover. I just hope it's a lot surprising when you open the pages.

For now, let's get contented of the cover and the behind the scenes video of Iza Calzado on UNO Magazine. Click here to see Iza Calzado video.


Solenn Heussaff "Suddenly It's Magic" Pictorial

Our favorite Celebrity Survivor Solenn Heussaff on the pictorial of "Suddenly It's Magic", Solenn's upcoming movie for 2011. From what we've heard, 'Suddenly It's Magic' is a three part movie with Solenn Heussaff and Richard Gutierez. We just don't know if they will be partnered with each other. It's been on the rumors that Richard has been going out with Solenn right after Survivor Celebrity edition.

More Solenn Heussaff photos on 'Suddenly It's Magic' pictorial inside ->

Late Christmas Greetings from Mocha Girls

Ok, they were not late in greeting us Merry Christmas. We were just a little late in posting their message. But even though it's late, we sure appreciate it when Mocha Girls greet us a Merry Merry Christmas. We answer them, Happy 2011!

One more Mocha Girls photo inside ->

Solenn Heussaff's Behind the Scenes' Photos of FHM March 2011

Need I say more? Behind the scenes' photos of Solenn Heussaff on FHM March 2011 issue. The photographer in the 2nd photo is no other than Marc Nicdao. Funny how in January Issue of FHM, Solenn was the make up artist of Carla Humpries and this time, it was Solenn's turn to be the one on the cover.

More behind the scenes' photos of Solenn Heussaff on FHM March 2011 issue inside ->


Georgina Wilson and Borgy Manotoc on the Cover of Preview Magazine

Controversial cover for Preview Magazine March 2011 edition. It's the real life couple Georgina Wilson and Borgy Manotoc in what appears that only Borgy's hands covering the chest area of Georgina Wilson. Very classic for an 'animal instinct theme'.

Check Georgina Wilson and Borgy Manotoc's behind the scene photos for Preview Magazine March 2011 inside ->

Maggie Wilson on UNO Magazine March 2011 Issue

It's Maggie Wilson on the cover of UNO Magazine March 2011 Issue. Aside from Maggie Wilson, also check Kat Alano, Sam Oh, Gringo Honasan, Andi Manzano on Barcelona Spain, Maggie Costelo and some names that I'm not very much familiar with, hehe.

Also check the behind the scenes video of Maggie Wilson on her UNO Magazine shoot. Reminds me of Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji Prenup video. Sweet.

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