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Iya Villana for UNO Magazine

Iya Villana in the cover of UNO Magazine July 2011 Cover Issue. Titled "Eight Years and Onwards"

Here at UNO magazine, we basically get paid to enjoy ourselves. Make no mistake, it is a job, and not an easy one at that: what with all the setbacks, drawbacks, unforeseen reversals, late nights, last-minute disasters, and just typical day-to-day difficulties of putting out a worthwhile monthly print magazine, sometimes we work so hard at this that our pets don’t recognize us any more and our personal hygiene suffers (I won’t name names). - UNO magazine


Iya Villana Photos in Tanduay Calendar 2011

Iya Villana shows off!. This is the 2011 Tanduay Calendar. For the first time, not only on her beautiful face but to show of her sexy side.


Iya Villania Revealing Photos

Iya Villania while partying. Notice the short shorts that Iya Villania is wearing - is that a little accidental peak? Check the inside photo for a close up.

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