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Barbara Barreto for Bench

Barbara Barreto is one of the new Bench endorser.

Ria Villacarillo - June 2011 FHM Girlfriend of the Month

What's the one thing you wish men could change about themselves?
I would say for you to identify your good and bad side. Nobody’s perfect, but you’ve got to accept and admit to your flaws. That’s the first step toward change. -Ria Villacarillo
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Jennelyn Mercado as the Hottest Actress for Yahoo OMG Award with Her Hottest Tatoo

Jennelyn Mercado as the Hottest Actress at Yahoo! OMG! Awards and this is her hottest tatoo photos on her back.


Mocha Uson Explains the G-Spot!

"So what exactly is a G-spot? It is a bean-shaped spongy tissue located about 1 ½ inches inside the anterior wall (top) of the vagina. It swells and becomes prominent when a woman is turned on and aroused. It is an erogenous zone when stimulated will give a woman a powerful orgasm. It gives her a climax that’s far more intense than a clitoral orgasm. G-spot stimulation can give her multiple orgasm and make her ejaculate lots of fluid. Some women even squirt". - Mocha Uson
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